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URSS Application Questions 2023/24

This document is for information only, so that you can see what questions you will need to answer when you complete your URSS application.

URSS Application formLink opens in a new window

Applicant details (to be completed by the student)

First name *

Family name *

Student ID*

What is your gender identification?

Home department *

Year of study (full-time equivalent if part-time) *

Email *

Alternative email *

Mobile number *

Do you have a UK bank account? Y/N *

If yes: please tick to confirm that you have provided your bank details here: – without this information we cannot pay your bursary

Project Details (to be completed by the student)

Review category 1: Quality of Proposal

Title of research project *

Please explain your research project. *

Remember that the person who reviews your project may not be a subject expert, and they cannot review your application if they do not understand it. Please make sure your project explanation is accessible to a non-expert reader.

How do you plan to carry out your project? (max 1000 characters) *

Please include information about where your project will be conducted, who you will be working with or whether you will be working alone, when your project will take place and what you will do (eg: do experiments, conduct interviews, do research in library, etc).

Review category 2: Reach and Impact

Who do you expect to be interested in your research and how do you expect to engage them?

It is important that you share your research findings with others. Please explain who you believe your research will be relevant to and how you plan to share it with them.

Review category 3: Personal/Career Impact

What skills, knowledge and experience do you hope to gain from doing a research project? (max 1000 characters) *

Please note that all URSS projects must include a Public Engagement element, in which students share their research with people outside of the University.

More information about Public Engagement, including examples of the Public Engagement elements of previous URSS projects, can be found here (link to PE section on website - tbc). Warwick Institute of Engagement will get in touch before your project starts to provide more information about how you can incorporate public engagement into your project.

Project Department/Centre *

First name of academic supervisor (do not include title, Professor, Dr) *

Last name of academic supervisor *

Supervisor’s email *

Name of additional supervisor (optional)

Length of project (weeks) *

Proposed start date of project *

Proposed end date of project *

Please note: You must ensure that all aspects of your project are completed before the URSS deadline of 25 October 2024.

Will your project involve travel outside the UK? *

Please note: that you will be required to provide a risk assessment if you are travelling outside the UK.

Where do you plan to travel to?

Please list all countries/cities (Leave blank if you are staying in the UK)

Is overseas travel required in order to do your research? * Yes / No

If yes, what facilities will you be accessing (libraries, museums etc) in your location?

What is the estimated duration of your overseas trip?

Where will you be staying during your URSS project?: *

a. At accommodation that you do not have to pay for

b. On campus

c. Off campus accommodation that you do have to pay for

d. Travelling abroad for all or part of your project

Bursary application (to be completed by the student)

Review category 4: Value for Money

Do you wish to apply for a bursary for your URSS project?* Y/N

If yes, what is the total amount you wish to apply for?* (Up to £1,500 max)

Is the URSS bursary enough to cover the all the costs of your project? * Y/N

Please note: that the bursary will not cover the cost of equipment or software as this cost should be covered by your academic department.

The maximum amount of funding that you can apply for from URSS is £1,500. If your project budget comes to more than that amount it will not reduce your chances of securing URSS funding. However, you will need to fund the shortfall through other sources of funding. More information about additional funding sources at Warwick University is available hereLink opens in a new window.

Please include a breakdown of the anticipated costs that your bursary would support (e.g. accommodation, travel, living costs) *

  • Rent / accommodation costs:
  • Travel costs*:
  • Additional associated costs (eg: visas, parking, etc)*:
  • Food and consumables*:
  • Project-related costs (eg: financial incentive for participants to take part in interviews)*:

If you do not require a bursary for your project please write 0 in each of these boxes.

Have you previously received a URSS bursary? * Yes / No

If yes, please note that you are not eligible to receive URSS funding more than once during your time at Warwick. However, you can participate in the scheme again without funding.

What are the ethical considerations of your project if any?* (e.g. , social care, human participants, data/tissue etc). You MUST discuss this with your supervisor (max 500 characters)

I have discussed ethics approval with my supervisor Y/N*

If ethics approval is required please provide details of how you will obtain this (max 500 characters)

Agreement (to be completed by the student)

By taking part in the URSS I agree to produce a research output by [date tbc]. If I need to withdraw from the URSS for any reason I agree to let the URSS team know ( ).*

Data Permission

All successful applicants may be invited to participate in other opportunities to showcase their research at University exhibitions and events, such as the International Conference of UG Research. This may involve sharing your details and project information onto other departments within the University. If you do not wish your details to be shared, please tick here.

Terms & Conditions *(required)

I am the student wishing to take part in this URSS project. By ticking the box I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions set out by the URSS Terms & Conditions of Application. [add link]

Your application will be refused if you do not/cannot agree with all the Term & Conditions.