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URSS Step 3: Prepare for and complete your project

How to prepare for your project

Before you start your URSS project, there are some things we recommend that you do:

  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss how you will work together. You might want to talk about:
    • How often you will meet or communicate with your supervisor
    • Whether there is any reading they would recommend that you do in advance
    • Your project output and what you both feel would be a satisfactory outcome for your project
  • Attend any pre-project training that you feel you need – we run lots of courses to help you develop your research and presentation skills (see below)
  • Attend some of the URSS social events to meet other URSS students (see below)
  • Read information, advice and examples about including public engagementLink opens in a new window to help you prepare for the public engagement element of your project

How to complete your project

Your supervisor will support you during your project but it’s up to you to lead your research project. You may find it helpful to set some milestones or to create a project plan to help ensure you stay on track.

Create a project plan to keep you on track

If you have any problems during your project, please contact us at .

Pre-project training

Information about skills training will be available later this year.

URSS social events

Dates of URSS social events will be available later this year.

Key dates

  • URSS Showcase: Wednesday 13 November 2024
  • Applications open:
    Friday 1 December 2023
  • Applications close:
    Sunday 4 February 2024
  • Project submission deadline:
    Friday 25 October 2024

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at