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How to update your information

All staff and students are encouraged to regularly review their personal information and ensure it is up to date. It should only take a few minutes of your time.

If you have any questions about the diversity monitoring questions we ask or how to answer them, please contact us at . If you would like to suggest additions or changes to our diversity monitoring questions, please complete the form here.


Why am I seeing "OPTION NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please select an alternative"?

Do not worry. We have made some changes to questions, there are some instances in which a previous response option no longer exists. In that case, we ask that you please select a response from the new response options. Read more about this issue here.

Return to the an overview of diversity monitoring.

Why we ask these questions and how we use the data.

A list of what we ask and some guidance on how to answer.

Assurance on anonymity and who can see your responses.