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Improvements to the way we ask about gender and gender identity

January 2021.


Please update your gender, trans, and intersex identities on your staff record now.

We've updated questions on SuccessFactors which relate to your gender, trans, and intersex identities.

To help us to get things right for all members of the Warwick community, we’ve updated our fields on Success Factors relating to gender, gender identity, and Intersex to enable you to share your information with us more easily.

We have worked closely with the Rainbow Taskforce to change and expand on the questions currently asked in relation to gender, trans, and intersex, and from January 2021, the following data will be requested within SuccessFactors.

From January 2021, the following data will be requested with Success Factors:

  • Do you identify as trans? (with options ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘prefer not to say’).
    A trans person is someone whose gender is different to that which they were assigned at birth. The University collects this data to inform and monitor its work on trans inclusion.
  • Are you intersex? (with options ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘prefer not to say’).
    An intersex person is someone whose anatomy or physiology differs from contemporary cultural stereotypes of what constitutes typical male and female bodies. The University collects this data to inform and monitor its work on intersex inclusion. We acknowledge there are debate and difference of opinion on language/terminology and have therefore provided enhanced resources. We will continue to review our declaration processes, further information, and support available here.
  • Gender (with options ‘Female’, ‘Male’, ‘Non-binary’, ‘Other’, and ‘Prefer not to say’).
    The University recognises people’s right to self-identification of their own gender. Your gender declared here does not need to match the gender marker on your legal documents.
  • Gender marker for HMRC purposes (with options ‘Female’ and ‘Male’).
    HMRC currently only allows two legal gender options, ‘female’ and ‘male’. If your gender is different to that which you were assigned at birth, your gender may be different to the gender marker used by the HMRC. The University is required to collect this information for payroll and pension purposes.

Please update your staff record to ensure that the data held for you is accurate, and to support our work towards a more equal, diverse, and inclusive university community.

To update your confidential records, simply visit SuccessFactors and check all your personal data is up to date. If you would prefer to have a confidential conversation about this data collection in advance of updating your records please email or .

We hope that the updated equality monitoring questions in SuccessFactors will make it easier for you to complete the questions.

By doing this, you are helping further our commitment to inclusion and diversity by making sure we are aware of any LGBTQUA+ related support requirements further ensuring our policies, procedures, and initiatives are inclusive to all of the Warwick community, making the University a welcoming and safe place for everyone, where we are all treated with respect.