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Diversity Monitoring

We are committed to increasing the diversity of Warwick’s staff and students (as outlined in our Social Inclusion Strategy). To do this, we need your help to better understand the make-up of our community - please answer the diversity monitoring questions on your personal record.

Staff can update on SuccessFactors and students on Student Records Online, it should only take a few minutes of your time.

This information is important for us so we can understand the diversity of our staff, provide adjustments to those who need them, evaluate our progress against strategic objectives and KPIs, and meet our statutory reporting obligations.

But, we know that people don't always understand the relevance of this information to the University and may have reservations about answering without knowing how we're using it and who can see it.

We hope the information on these pages will answer some common questions about what we want to know and why.

“Diversity data is a powerful tool against discrimination and exclusion. It can show us where we’re doing well, where the problems are, and what’s working to solve them. The more we know, the more we can do to make things better for everyone at Warwick. Thank you to everyone who has answered these questions for doing your bit to help us get things right.” Kulbir Shergill, Director of Social Inclusion

Why we ask these questions and how we use the data.

A list of what we ask and some guidance on how to answer.

Assurance on anonymity and who can see your responses.

Details of how to update your record online.

Headline data

You can also see institutional level diversity monitoring data here (the most up-to-date data available are presented) and progress against our Key Performance Indicators here.