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Institutional Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team

The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team's (SAT) role is to take oversight of University-wide activities towards gender equality and oversee the institutional Athena Swan application. The Group reports to Senate via the Social Inclusion CommitteeLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window (formerly ED&I Committee). Gender equaltiy at Warwick is also supported by the Gender Taskforce, which champions and oversees the advancement, implementation and further development of gender equality at institutional level.

The Athena Swan SAT is Chaired by Professor Kate Seers (Director Warwick Research in Nursing, WMS) with Professor Jo Collingwood (School of Engineering, and Chair of Gender Taskforce) as Deputy Chair.

The membership is as follows:

  • Rachel Sandby-Thomas (Social Inclusion Executive SponsorLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window for gender).
  • Dr Livia Bartók-Pártay, Chemistry.
  • Dr Sue Burrows, Physics.
  • Jo Davis, Warwick Business School (Representative from PSS staff Grade 6-9).
  • Julie Doherty and Julie Jeary, HR Manager.
  • Dr Xueyu Geng, Engineering.
  • Dr Kirstie Haywood, WMS.
  • Robert Horton, Law.
  • Professor Georgia Kremmyda, Engineering.
  • Professor David Leadley, Physics.
  • Professor Nickie Charles
  • Professor Rachel Moseley, Film & TV Studies.
  • Hywel Rowles, Senior Data Analyst.
  • Ian Saunders, Computer Science.
  • Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams, Politics and International Studies.
  • Professor Azrini Wahidin, Sociology.
  • Dr Julie Wright, Film & TV Studies.
  • Professor Philip Young, Life Sciences.
  • Andy Johnson, Social Inclusion.
  • Colin Hopkins, External Consultant (for application completion)
  • Student representatives: SU Officers -
    • Will Brewer
    • Enaya Nihal.

Some areas of SAT work are led by sub-groups, membership of which is as below:

  • Data Sub-Group.
    • Jo Davis.
    • Hywel Rowles, Senior Data Analyst.
    • Michaela Hodges.
    • David Leadley.
    • Robert Horton.
    • Xueyu Geng.
    • Philip Young.
    • Will Brewer.
  • Supporting and Advancing Women’s Careers Sub-Group.
    • Kirstie Haywood.
    • Jo Collingwood.
    • Julie Wright.
    • Livia Bartók-Pártay.
    • Linda Triangolo.
    • Rachel Moseley.
    • Sue Burrows.
    • Enaya Nihal.
    • Andy Johnson.
  • Organisation and Culture Sub-Group.
    • Georgia Kremmyda.
    • Ian Saunders.
    • Nickie Charles
    • Mike Ward
    • Nick Vaughan-Williams.
    • Azrini Wahidin.