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Rainbow Groups - Working Together

Rainbow Reporting

Social Inclusion Committee 

The Social Inclusion Committee shall advise and may make recommendations to the Senate and the Council on matters relating to the Social Inclusion strategy and the promotion and monitoring of equality, diversity and inclusion issues throughout the University.

Rainbow Taskforce 

The Rainbow Taskforce is an advisory body which makes recommendations to the Social Inclusion Committee on LGBTQUA+ equality matters (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, undefined, asexual, and identities which are subject to similar forms of prejudice and discrimination). The Co-chairs of the Taskforce are members of the Social Inclusion Committee, and one co-chair is also a co-chair on the Rainbow Network. (action plan)

Stonewall Self-Assessment Team (SAT) 

The SAT was set up to develop and deliver on the Stonewall WEI and associated action plan, informed by Stonewalls feedback on our submission. The SAT also helps gather evidence of good practice across the University. The SAT has a direct report to the Rainbow Taskforce and the Social Inclusion Committee. Membership includes the Rainbow Taskforce Co-chair and Rainbow Network Co-chair.

The SAT also holds termly meetings with ED&I Champions to progress LGBTQUA+ in departments.

Rainbow Staff Network

The University recognises the power of Networks, these groups provide an opportunity for people to connect, socialise, support one another, and discuss issues of relevance to their communities. Staff Networks are run by and for the members, with administrative support from the ED&I team. We aim for each Staff Network to be led by a Chair, the key intention behind this role being to embed ownership of the Network within the membership and take a lead on the development of the Network.

Allies Programme

The Rainbow Allies programme exists to empower all members of our community to create an open, safe and inclusive environment for all LGBTQUA+ colleagues, students, and visitors at Warwick.