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Club Hardship Fund

This fund has been created to help clubs who are experiencing financial difficulties. We will assess applications and allocate funds where appropriate.

Criteria includes:

  • Funds will not cover cost for Trips, Tours or events – these are classed as a luxury not a hardship request.
  • Applications may be made for sums up to £1000 – we strongly advise that you only apply for the amount you require to ensure club sustainability.
  • Funds can be awarded to clubs that have been hit with an unexpected cost this year, which was out of their control.

Fund may also be awarded to clubs who inherited a deficit on their account from their previous exec committee and wish to reduce the debt, proof of efforts to reduce this during their time in post must be provided

Applications close 7 Feb 2020.

Please note: funding decisions are at the discretion of the Club Hardship Fund panel and not all applicants will receive the funding they have applied for. In some cases clubs may be awarded a partial grant where appropriate.


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