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Couch to 5km

Couch to 5k [couch-too-5k]

noun a running course designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K in four weeks.

  • Available to anyone able to run more than 1 mile
  • 8 week course

Is equipment provided?

All sessions of your course include:

  • Instructor led learning from experienced coaches
  • Access to showers and other facilities

What should I bring?

To get the most from your course:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and a decent pair of running shoes
  • Make sure you bring a drink along
  • Dress for the weather

Suitable for:

  • Suitable for those who may have attended our 8 week Couch 2 5K course.
  • The course will progress through distance from 4km- 5.5km over the 8 weeks.

What you'll learn:

  • Include running techniques such as uphill running, downhill running, posture and fartlek. There will also be a chance to take part in a local Parkrun with the running leader and fellow attendees should you wish.
  • The correct way to warm up and cool down to reduce the chance of injury (dynamic warm-up stretches and a 5 minute brisk walk to increase the heart rate)
  • Correct running form and technique to maximise potential and reduce the chance of injury
  • To steadily increase the amount of time spent running up to 5.5K
  • Participants are encouraged to repeat the weekly session, or add addititonal fitness training, in their own time to increase general fitness levels

When and where?

Wednesday 17 October – Wednesday 5 December 2018

  • Eight weeks, with one session per week
  • Every Wednesday 5:15pm - 6:15pm
  • Outside Sports Centre (meeting point)

What does it cost?

  8 week course
Price £24.00
University of Warwick staff One WLA voucher

How do I book?

Book your place online in advance or by visiting the Sports Centre.

Book online today