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Squash League

Free your mind from the stresses of University life and immerse yourself in our hugely popular Staff & Postgraduates Squash League!

The league is for friendly and competitive staff and postgraduate student players who wish to play on a regular or occassional basis, and caters for a wide range of abilities from beginners to experienced players. There are no subs to pay, you only need to have access to the University squash courts as a Warwick Sport member or a pay-and-go visitor.

Current league

View the current Staff & Postgraduates squash leagues.

Sign Up

If you would like to take part in the league please complete the online registration form below. You will then be contacted by our league organiser who will place you into one of the divisions of the current league.

  1. Complete the league Registration Form
  2. Play!

League Info

Fixtures: Fixture dates and times are to be arranged by players in the league. Each league has 5/6 players and you'll have roughly a month to play your matches.

Match Length: Matches are played as the best of 5 games, each game played to 11 points PAR scoring.

Results: Results of each match can be inputted by the players.

Organiser: Contact Steve Townsend at Steven dot Townsend at warwick dot ac dot uk. if you have any queries.

League Organiser

Steve Townsend, Head Squash Coach for Warwick Sport, is responsible for the organisation and management of the League, and can be contacted at Steven dot Townsend at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The League was previously organised by Russell Moseley until 1997, and by Robert Horton from 1997 to 2019.