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Meet our Active Senior member, Alan

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Alan's life as an Active Senior began only a month ago, but since then Alan and his wife have wasted no time immersing themselves in the activity programme for older adults. They've been participating in a range of activities, including badminton, aquafit, and an array of classes, from legs, bums, and tums to yogalates (a combination of yoga and Pilates).

“The activities that I’ve attended have been really well run. My whole experience so far has been very positive.”

To help him improve his physical health in his senior years, he's also decided to take up swimming stating:

“As I’m getting older and achier, I really enjoy having access to a pool. Even though I’m no good at swimming, I can tell it’s doing my body some good!”

Despite being a self-confessed bad swimmer, in his short time as an Active Senior, Alan has already noticed an improvement in his swimming and feels a sense of accomplishment with each length he completes. He jokes:

"I'm still in the slow lane, but I stay motivated by racing the other swimmers - even if they don't realise that they've been in a race with me, I'm satisfied that I've beaten them!”

Taking part in sports and physical activities has always been a part of Alan's life. He believes that staying active unlocks something in his body that makes him feel better, and this is something he has cherished throughout his life. For Alan, becoming an Active Senior not only keeps him in good shape but also allows him to enjoy life's pleasures without guilt. Alan humorously shared:

"I've earned that bottle of wine!"

Despite some physical challenges, like a bad back and hip replacement, Alan remains committed to his Active Senior lifestyle. He mentions that his competitive and social nature keeps him going, whether it's competing against others in the pool, or teaching newcomers the ropes of various sports.

Alan's journey as an Active Senior is just beginning, but he is already enjoying the many benefits and opportunities it offers. He especially appreciates the social aspect, as he has made new friends with other Active Senior members at the Sports and Wellness Hub.

"The Active Senior community is a very small and friendly group. I always enjoy having a chat with everyone here."

To those considering joining as an Active Senior, Alan offers this piece of encouragement:

"There is such a broad range of activities available here, there really is something for everybody."

Alan's experience at the Sports and Wellness Hub so far has been nothing short of positive, and he looks forward to continuing his fitness journey, aiming to make the most of being an Active Senior member and embracing a healthier lifestyle as he enjoys his retirement.

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Sam Davis Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Sam is a content writer and sport enthusiast with a keen interest in football, judo, and hockey.


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