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Benefits of Sports Massage for marathon runners

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First of all, massages feel amazing. But they also offer a number of physiological and psychological benefits during and after your training runs, and after the big 26.2 mile run itself.

Here are eight responses that happen to the your body during and after a sports massage treatment.

  1. Aids circulation. This helps the removal of metabolic waste products from within your exercised, and most likely tired, muscles.
  2. Lighter, long flowing massage strokes, known as effleurage, help to relieve muscular tension without damaging fibres. This is ideal during the days approaching your marathon.
  3. Enhances tissue permeability, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscle cells faster and remove waste products.
  4. Sports Massage can aid the break down of scar tissue. It can optimise your muscle fibres orientation following muscle remodelling and hard training periods.
  5. Maintenance massages are a great way to identify and treat tighter areas before injuries occur.
  6. Having a lighter, pre-massage the day before or the morning of your marathon may help you to optimise your performance.
  7. Deep specific pressure can be a great method to reduce and relieve muscle tensions. Some of these areas can be hard to reach using your own foam roller.
  8. You get to relax. Sports Massage provides strong psychological benefits and is a time where you can reenergise, relax and rebuild the confidence to prepare for your next run. It’s a great way to take a break from the hard slog of marathon training and a great excuse to just lay down and do nothing for an hour.


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