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Meet our Active Senior member, Doug

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Doug bought an Active Senior membership in March 2023 and since then, he's embraced every opportunity that the membership offers. He especially enjoys taking part in badminton, squash and table tennis, which are his three favourite sports. When asked what he enjoys most about being an Active Senior member, Doug explains that it's the variety of people and activities that sets the Sports and Wellness Hub apart.

"When you book a court at a sports centre, you tend to play the same person all the time. It's much better to come to the Sports and Wellness Hub where you can play different people. You're learning from them all the time.

“It means I meet other people in similar situations, make new friends and play games with different people.”

For Doug, the social aspect of the Active Senior activity programme for older adults is what stands out the most, sharing:

“When it comes to keeping healthy, I’d much rather go and play games with some friends than go for a two mile walk by myself”.

Doug also enjoys being part of the WhatsApp group used by other Active Senior members and says it helps him to stay motivated and keep in touch with his new friends.

For Doug, being an Active Senior is not just about maintaining his physical health, it's about the joy of playing racquet sports he's loved throughout his life and connecting with other Active Senior members through playing and helping them to improve their skills.

When asked about the impact of being an Active Senior has made on his life, Doug emphasises:

"I'm glad I made the commitment to buy an Active Senior membership. I enjoy every minute of it".

The Sports and Wellness Hub has become more than a fitness centre - it's a community and a source of new friendships for Doug.

In his advice to other older adults considering rekindling their love for exercise, Doug stresses:

"As you get older, you get more aches and pains, but they don't get any better - so you just need to carry on. There are so many things to do at the Sports and Wellness Hub, so you need to be enthusiastic and have a little bit of discipline. I’ve disciplined myself to come here three times a week, but I would come every day if I had the time!”

The Sports and Wellness Hub has undoubtedly made a significant impact on Doug's active life. It's where he maintains his fitness, builds friendships and enjoys a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. His journey is a testament to the Active Senior programme’s core message - that age is no barrier to living an active, enriching life.

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