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Meet Active Senior Members, Pat and Val

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Pat and Val both embarked on their Active Senior journey with open minds and enthusiasm. They wholeheartedly embraced the diverse facilities available, engaging in a plethora of activities including weight training, swimming, badminton and racquetball. However, it was their newly discovered passion for indoor climbing that took them most by surprise.

“I would never even have tried climbing before. I always used to pass the climbing wall and think - ‘wow, that looks amazing, but I could never do that’ - but the activity programme for older adults eased us into it and now we climb twice a week!” Val laughs.

"Taking on the climbing wall is so empowering. After conquering it, I feel unstoppable." she continues, with Pat echoing her sentiments testifying that:

“When you can finally reach the top of the climbing wall, you feel such a sense of achievement. It really is a buzz!"

Despite their achievements in climbing, the real benefit that the activity programme for older adults has given Val and Pat has been the structure and routine to their daily life. Val highlights:

"Being active at the Sports and Wellness Hub with an Active Senior membership gives me structure to my days. It gives me a sense of community and improves my physical fitness, which helps create a well-rounded lifestyle."

This sense of community they've found among fellow Active Seniors has been a particular highlight for Pat and Val. The friendship group they’ve developed has evolved beyond the doors of the Sports and Wellness Hub and become an integral part of their social life.

“The activity programme for older adults has evolved into a real community; we now organise activities outside of the gym too – we’re going go-karting next!"

As Val aptly puts it:

"For me, being an Active Senior has been life-enhancing. It has enabled me to live my life to the fullest."

With Pat concurring: "Being an Active Senior has been a transformative experience. It has become a real positive part of my daily life. Since joining, I feel better, I’ve got more energy, my mind feels better, I think clearer and I sleep better. Overall I feel really good.” 

To anyone considering becoming an Active Senior, Pat and Val's advice is unequivocal:

"Just do it". Val emphasises

"Even when I don’t feel motivated, I never regret coming and taking part in an activity. You’ll never regret pushing yourself."

Embrace the opportunities available, challenge your perceptions and never underestimate the positive impact being active can have on your life.

Click here to find out more about the Active Senior membership.

Sam Davis Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Sam is a content writer and sport enthusiast with a keen interest in football, judo, and hockey.


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