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What are virtual fitness classes?

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Virtual classes, also known as VR classes, usually take place on big TV screens in fitness studios, where you follow along the on-screen motivational Les Mills instructor.

If you’ve never considered virtual classes before, here are 4 reasons how they can help you keep up your fitness regime.

1) An exciting atmosphere

Every class has up-beat and vibrant music to help you feel energised while working out. The instructors who lead the classes on screen are enthusiastic and motivate you every step of the way.

2) Tried and tested workouts

Les Mills workouts are developed by fitness professionals. All of their videos feature movements which have been developed by exercise professionals and thoroughly tested.

You can be sure that the moves you’re asked to do are safe and proven to help with your fitness goals; they’re not designed to just tire you out.

3) Led by fitness professionals

Every class is led by instructors who’ve been carefully selected to be part of the Les Mills group. The instructors will help and direct you throughout the whole class.

4) Great variety of exercises

Les Mills classes cover a wide range of movements. Everything from yoga with virtual BODYBALANCE classes, to virtual SH’BAM - an addictive dance workout, is included. With virtual classes, there really is plenty to keep you moving and having fun.

Cheryl Culliford-Whyte

Cheryl Culliford-Whyte Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Cheryl has interests in all kinds of fitness, keeping healthy and looking after your wellbeing. She enjoys hiking, lifting and healthy baking.


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