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5 books to get you excited about running

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Here are 5 book suggestions to help inspire you in your own health and fitness goals, whether you’re a runner already or not.

1. Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory – Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton

Deena Kastor is an Olympic medallist and the American record holder in marathon running. Let Your Mind RunLink opens in a new window is a great read for anyone interested in running, or on how to use your mental strength in sport.

Kastor focuses on the mental techniques she used herself along the way to becoming successful. Whether you’ve heard of her or not, you’ll enjoy following along with her journey.

2. There is No Map in Hell – Steve Birkinshaw

A breath-taking account of Steve Birkinshaw's record-breaking attempt to complete the Wainwright fells circuit. The Wainwright fells are in the Lake District, and cover a distance of over 300 miles across over 214 hills and mountains. There is No Map in HellLink opens in a new window goes into Birkinshaw’s preparations and his experience of the whole endeavour.

3. Don’t Stop Me Now 26.2 Tales of a Runners Obsession – Vassos Alexander

In 26.2 chapters, (mimicking the miles of his Ironman triathlon), journalist Vassos Alexander recounts his journey from taking up running to the present day.

Don't Stop Me NowLink opens in a new window is a hilarious tale includes many anecdotes that any runner can relate to, and despite some patchy moments for him, this will inspire you to get outside and go for a run too.

4. Born to Run – Christopher McDougall

A story which starts with an amateur runner seeking answers as to why his foot hurts. Born to RunLink opens in a new window rapidly spirals into the author’s hunt for the legendary barefoot runner Caballo Blanco, and the Mexican tribes people of the Tarahumara – believed to be the best distance runners in the world. McDougal’s book aims to discover the secrets in becoming an incredible runner.

5. Unbelievable - From My Childhood Dreams to Winning Olympic Gold – Jessica Ennis

An interesting behind-the-scenes insight into Jessica Ennis’ rise to fame and success. The autobiography covers everything from her childhood and training, to her 2012 Olympic gold win. UnbelievableLink opens in a new window reveals what Ennis's experience was really like, and how she dealt with all the pressure.

David Morris

David Morris Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

David is an avid runner and writes about different aspects of fitness, health and wellbeing. He enjoys running, fitness classes and outdoor activities with his daughters.


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