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5 hacks you should know before your next climb
Man climbing on an indoor wall

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Understanding the dos and don’ts of climbing is key to making a good first impression, staying safe and avoiding common mistakes.

So propel your knowledge and climb like a pro with these five easy hacks.

1. Chalk your arms

Using chalk on your hands provides extra grip and is an integral tool for climbers. But a common mistake with new climbers can be over chalking.

Adding too much chalk can actually have the opposite effect by reducing the friction, making it harder to hold on.

Instead, use less chalk but chalk your forearms too. That way you have extra chalk on hand (no pun intended) without having to load up your hands or reaching for your chalk bag mid-climb.

2. Know when to give pointers

One of the main thrills of climbing is solving the puzzle. So if there’s someone calling out the next move before you’ve had a chance to work it out, it can be really annoying.

Giving someone pointers (also known as beta within the climbing community) is a kind gesture, but best to be done only when invited.

3. Look after your hands

Hands are a climber's most important tool. So if yours are chapped or grazed it can significantly impact on the quality of your climb.

Not only that, leaving blood or skin (gross, but true) on the climbing holds isn’t very nice for the next person climbing.

Get into the routine of taping any chaffing straight away, washing your hands thoroughly at the end of each climb and applying a thick salve to soften and protect damaged skin.

4. Keep your zone tidy

Keeping the area underneath the climbing wall clear of any obstructions is vital for health and safety.

If you’re coming off the wall at speed or falling onto the soft mats when bouldering, a random water bottle or climbing hook could cause serious damage.

Invest in a lightweight bag where you can keep all your belongings together, putting them to one side so that the floor area is kept nice and tidy.

5. Don’t hog the holds

It’s easy to get stuck on a section, especially when you want to master it. But try to be mindful of how long you’re staying on each section for, especially during busy times.

Having a break might actually help you nail that tricky section, so if you’re not quite getting it, move onto something else and come back to it later on.

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