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6 reasons to consider workout classes

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The benefits of group fitness classes are numerous, both physical and mental.

1. Leave it to the experts

Ever walked into the gym with no plan for the session ahead then ended up feeling unsatisfied with your training?

Planning ahead is key, especially if you’ve set some specific fitness goals already. However it can be hard to navigate all the information available when it comes to fitness. This is where workout classes are the perfect solution.

Gym classes are all designed and led by experts. This means removing all the thinking, leaving you to focus on your workout while being guided every step of the way.

2. Switch things up

One of the main reasons motivation levels tend to drop over time can be down to boredom. If you feel like your solo workouts are getting a bit repetitive, then fitness classes could be the answer.

There are many types of fitness classes out there covering a wide range of needs, but also preferences. If you’re more musically-oriented, zumba classes could be the perfect option for you. For an all-rounder class, try circuit or bootcamp-style sessions.

Les Mills also offer a huge range of options, including strength training classes including more cardio-focused sessions, such as BodyPump, and body balance classes.

Some classes also focus on specific areas of the body too. Les Mills core, for example, is perfect for those on a quest to get a six-pack.

Some fitness classes even allow you to take it outdoors and stay active in the fresh air with a outdoor classes.

3. For all levels and abilities

Some people fear workout classes will be too difficult, especially if they’re new to fitness. Yet, the most popular group fitness classes all offer some degree of variation that enables all levels and abilities to get involved.

For a strength training class like Bodypump for example, the instructor will advise you on the best weight to use or suggest bodyweight variations to some of the exercises.

Most cardio-focused or circuit training sessions are also centred on encouraging participants to get into ‘the red zone’. It’s important to note this looks different for everyone and based on their own level of fitness, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to try something new.

4. Group motivation

It’s no secret that taking part in a group exercise class can be a lot more fun than working out on your own.

Exercising with people, whether you’re doing zumba classes or joining in on a body attack session, can provide a real boost. Being around others creates a supportive environment, which in turn encourages you to push yourself and make the most out of the session.

5. Meet new people

It might feel daunting to attend a gym class alone for the first time.

On top of all the motivational aspects of working out in a group, fitness classes are a great place to meet like-minded people to accompany you on your journey.

Get involved in a body balance class and you might just meet your next gym buddy.

6. Get better results

The key to success when it comes to fitness is consistency. Sticking to a programme and working out on a regular basis ultimately will affect your results for the better.

Workout classes are one of the easiest ways to stick to a routine. Most classes' schedules are designed for busy professionals and offer plenty of options, either in the evenings or over lunchtime. They also help keep motivation levels up, making you less likely to skip a class than a self-directed workout.

David Morris

David Morris Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

David is an avid runner and writes about different aspects of fitness, health and wellbeing. He enjoys running, fitness classes and outdoor activities with his daughters.


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