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8 sports and fitness books to read right now

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The Jersey: The All Backs: The Secrets Behind the World’s Most Successful Team – Peter Bills

The Jersey: The All Blacks, explores the secrets of the success of the All Blacks, one of the most indomitable rugby teams in history. Whether you consider yourself a rugby fan or not, this is a fascinating insight into New Zealand and its world-famous rugby team.

They Don't Teach This - Eniola Aluko

Part Memoir, part autobiography, They Don’t Teach This is is all about Eniola Aluko’s achievements from being part of England’s football team, to the first female pundit on Match of the Day, and her work as a UN Women UK Ambassador.

The World’s Fittest Book – Ross Edgley

An autobiography, a sports science textbook, and a comprehensive workout guide all rolled into one. The World’s Fittest Book is designed to make you a better and well-rounded athlete and succeed in any sport. Written by Ross Edgley, the man who swam around mainland Great Britain.

Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History – Molly Schiot

This book is based on the Instagram account @TheUnsungHeroines, which Molly Schiot set up to celebrate female athletes of the twentieth century. Game Changers is a collection of rarely-before-seen photos and stories of female sport icons.

Alone on the Wall – Alex Honnold with David Roberts

Alex Honnold, one of the greatest free-solo climbers of all time, relives his 7 greatest climbs in Alone on the Wall. Free-solo climbing means climbing rock faces without any kind of rope or equipment. His book includes thrilling accounts of free-solo climbing Yosemite's Half Dome, and El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico.

I can run: An Empowering Guide to Running Well Far – Amy Lane

Amy Lane’s book I can run is a guide for anyone who wants to try out running and previously thought that they can’t run, or that it’s not for them. In just 12 chapters she covers everything you need to combat any self-doubt and help you persevere in your running goals.

Psychovertical – Andy Kirkpatrick

Psychovertical is an autobiography of the renowned British climber Andy Kirkpatrick, intertwined with a pitch-by-pitch account of his ascent of the Reticent Wall on El Capitan, the hardest solo climb ever undertaken by a Briton.

Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer - Lynne Cox

Lynne Cox is an American long-distance open-water swimmer, best known for swimming across the Bering Strait from the United States to the Soviet Union. In Swimming to Antartica, she tells the story of her many inspirational achievements and the struggles she encountered too.

Cheryl Culliford-Whyte

Cheryl Culliford-Whyte Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Cheryl has interests in all kinds of fitness, keeping healthy and looking after your wellbeing. She enjoys hiking, lifting and healthy baking.


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