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8 unexpected benefits of learning to swim
Children enjoying a group swimming lesson with an instructor

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But what are the hidden benefits of learning to swim? Here are eight ways learning to swim is good for you and your child.

Bonding time

In today’s busy world it’s easy to get distracted. An email here, a notification there - it’s difficult to switch off.

Swimming with your child allows for distraction-free bonding time, where you can put the phone away and be present in the moment.

Exercise for you

When you're a busy parent, fitting in a consistent exercise routine can be difficult. Splashing around in the pool with your little one is a great way to move and stay active when you have limited time.

Creates muscle memory

Children are sponges, so learning a new skill helps to flex the brain's memory muscle.

When the muscle is used regularly, it helps your child absorb new skills more easily across other areas of their lives too.

Positive association

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘I hate exercising’. It can be seen as a chore or unenjoyable, but exercise can actually be a fantastic tool for both physical and mental health.

Providing your baby with a good experience will help them approach exercise with a more positive mindset in the future.

Helps with language skills

You and your child will have to explore new ways to communicate whilst in the pool, so swimming is a great way to build speech skills.

It can also teach your child to be more vocal and chatty with other children.

A good form of exercise

Swimming is one of the best ways for a young person to exercise as it's more gentle on muscles and bones that are still developing.

Using swimming lessons can ensure your child is building their fitness and strength effectively and safely.

Overcoming fear

Life is filled with tough and challenging moments, so teaching your child that they can be thrown in the deep end (quite literally) and come out unharmed with a new-found confidence is a great life skill to build upon.

Get to know your child better

Watching how your child takes to the water and interacts with other people can actually tell you a lot about their personality.

How were their confidence levels? Did they take direction well? Being able to stand back and evaluate the situation allows you to see where they may need support.

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