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8 benefits of Reformer Pilates

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For some that might sound like a daunting prospect, but if you’re recovering from injury, for injury prevention, or simply wanting to keep fit and active, Reformer Pilates might just be what you need.

What is it?

The reformer is one of the most popular pieces of Pilates equipment. It is a frame with a sliding carriage that has springs and straps that add resistance during the movement of the carriage.

Whilst on the carriage, you undertake a range of traditional Pilates principals and modified physio-led exercises that use your body weight, spring resistance and dynamic movement to challenge your core stability and the strength and stability of your hips, knees, ankles and shoulders.

But what does this actually mean for you and your body? Here are 8 benefits of taking part in Reformer Pilates.

Dynamic movements

Laying down, kneeling and standing. Pushing, pulling and pressing. There are plenty of different positions and movements you’ll use for an energetic session.

Multiple body benefits

Strengthening muscle groups. Improving posture. Developing flexibility and control around key joints. Reformer Pilates can do all of this for your body.

Adaptable to your level

Reformer Pilates classes can be adapted for a variety of different levels, from newly active to advanced level sports people, whilst still providing a challenge for your core and stability muscles.

Injury prevention

As with other forms of physiotherapy based practices, such as sports massage, taking part in regular Reformer Pilates sessions can help reduce the risk of injury by strengthening and developing key muscle groups. Prevention after all is always better than the cure.

Get back to fitness

Sessions can also be used as part of rehabilitation following injury, allowing you to do more, sooner, and feel more motivated in your recovery.

Feel stronger and fitter

The exercises involved in a Reformer Pilates session helps to build strength, muscle capacity and endurance. It also tones and sculpts the body, leaving you both feeling and looking good.

Good for your mind

It is a fun and engaging way to exercise, so helps release happy hormones. This will make you feel good for hours after activity and support your mental health and wellbeing.

Improve balance

The moving nature of the reformer carriage means it can help you improve your balance and coordination. This can help with injury prevention, especially if you are prone to falls.


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