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Psychological and emotional wellbeing

Taking care of our psychological and emotional health during the coronavirus outbreak is just as important as maintaining our physical health. This page outlines the many resources that are available to you should you need advice, support or guidance for either yourself or a colleague or friend.

Join a live session

There are a range of masterclasses, webinars, drop in sessions and groups that University of Warwick staff are able to make use of. The sessions are arranged by Wellbeing Support Services and other colleagues, and cover a range of topics that will help you to look after your psychological and emotional wellbeing while you work from home.

Sessions include:

You can learn more about the sessions and register via the 'events calendar'.


Togetherall is a safe place to talk, share and support others like you. It's an anonymous community where members can:

  • Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Trained professionals available 24/7 to keep the community safe
  • Self-assessments & recommended resources
  • Creative tools to help express how you’re feeling
  • Wide range of self-guided courses to do at your own pace

University of Warwick colleagues have free access to Togetherall - learn more about it, and access the service, here

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential support service designed to help the University of Warwick workforce deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home life or work life, health and general wellbeing.

Health Assured offers cover for you and (in certain circumstances) your immediate family members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their services include:

  • Life support: Unlimited access to counselling for emotional problems and a pathway to structured telephone counselling or face-to-face counselling sessions (employees only) at your convenience.
  • Legal information: For any issues that cause anxiety or distress including debt management, accountancy, lawsuits, consumer disputes, property or neighbour legalities (employees only).
  • Bereavement support: Health Assured offers qualified and experienced counsellors who can help with grief and related stress plus a team of legal advisors to help with legal issues.
  • Medical information: Qualified nurses are on hand to offer advice on a range of medical or health related issues. They can’t diagnose but can offer a sympathetic ear and practical information and advice.
  • CBT online: We recognise the value of self-help tools in dealing with a range of issues, which is why we have a range of CBT self-help modules, informative factsheets and invaluable advice videos from leading qualified counsellors.

Learn about, and access, the EAP here.

Self help resources

In addition to the masterclasses, webinars and drop in sessions, you can also access self help resources which have been developed by Wellbeing Support Services and colleagues.

The following self help resources aim to help you to maintain your mental and emotional wellbeing:

There are plenty more self-help resources that cover a range of psychological and emotional wellbeing topics - this list is just a few of them. You can find the full list of self help resources here.

NHS Approved Apps

These are some apps we have selected from the NHS free app library. They are free to download and from trusted sources.

  • Anxiety: Catch-it will help you learn to manage anxiety and depression. It shows how to look at problems in a different way, and turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Communication: eQuoo uses adventure games to help increase emotional fitness and teach psychological skills. You will discover tips to communicate effectively and maintain your mental wellbeing. Cove is currently being tested by the NHS, it lets you express your mood in music rather than words.
  • Loneliness: The Big White Wall app offers an online community 24/7 for people who are stressed, anxious or feeling low. You will need your Warwick email to log in, but support is anonymous and not reported back in any way to Warwick.
  • Positivity: Feeling Good: positive mindset offers audio tracks to help you relax your body and mind. It builds confidence, energy and a positive mindset.
  • Relaxation: Chill Panda is currently being tested in the NHS. It helps you to relax, manage your worries and improve your wellbeing. It helps you to measure your heart rate and suggests tasks to suit your state of mind, along with breathing techniques and light exercise.
  • Self-control: My Possible Self helps you to take control of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You can manage your fear, anxiety and stress, and record and track your behaviour to better understand your mental health.
  • Self-harm: Calm-harm is designed to help people resist or manage self -harm. It is a private and password-protected service. Distract offers quick, easy and discreet access to info and advise about self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Sleep: Pzizz helps to calm mind, fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. It can help you sleep better at night or take power naps during the day.
  • Stress: SilverCloud offers a free online 8 week course to help manage stress, anxiety and depression - complete in own time and at your own pace. Stress and Anxiety Companion helps you to handle stress and anxiety on the go, using breathing exercises, music and games to clam the mind. Thrive is a game based app to prevent and manage stress and anxiety. It helps you to relax before a stressful situation, or on a regular basis to live more stress-free life.

External Support Available

There are lots of resources available to you outside of the University that can help you to maintain your psychological and emotional health. You can learn more about them, and access them, through Wellbeing Support Services. 

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