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Individual face-to-face therapy

A face to face appointment with a Psychological Therapist is a chance to look in depth at what is concerning you, in confidence. Therapy can enable you to make sense of events or experiences and explore options for change by providing a specific opportunity where you will be listened to carefully and respected. Through reflecting, clarifying, examining and exploring, you can gain a clearer awareness of who you are and what you do (your patterns of behaviour); if you have a clearer understanding of yourself and your patterns, you can live a more choiceful, realistic and satisfying life, taking responsibility for your feelings and behaviour. Therapy can help raise your awareness to patterns, themes and feelings that recur from your early days that may be impacting on your present. Therapy can help you to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern you. By respecting your values, choices and lifestyle, the therapist can work together with you towards making choices or changes that you feel are right for you.

Currently we are offering appointments over video using Microsoft Teams. Your initial appointment will last up to 50 minutes. You and the therapist will decide how to progress after this first meeting, and subsequent appointments will generally last 40-45 minutes. At present, we are also able to offer some appointments in person. This can be discussed at your brief consultation appointment. Please access these appointments through the student wellbeing portal.