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Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the Ensuite Subsidy

Q. Can I apply for the ensuite subsidy for previous academic years?

A . You can only apply for the current academic year, retrospective awards for previous years are not possible.

Q. Will I receive money back if I am awarded the subsidy?

A. The subsidy will appear as a credit on your student account applied termly and it will be broken down based on the numbers of weeks in your let contract.

Q. Will I receive the full subsidy amount?

A. You will be awarded the subsidy pro rata to the number of weeks you have occupied the room in that particular Hall of Residence.

Q . Is there a date by which I must apply for the ensuite subsidy?

A. You can apply for the subsidy any time during the current academic year between the start of Term 1 and the end of Term 3 (1st June) .

Q. Will I get the subsidy before my first accommodation instalment is due?

A. You will not necessarily have received confirmation of your eligibility for the subsidy before the first accommodation instalment is due. Students are encouraged to budget and plan for the payment of the first instalment.

Q. Can I apply for the subsidy before starting at the University of Warwick?

A. You cannot apply for the subsidy until you have enrolled as a student and you have been allocated your accommodation. We recommend that you apply for the subsidy during the first term of the academic year.

Q. I received the subsidy last academic year so will I automatically get it this year?

A. No, the subsidy is considered on an annual basis. You must apply each academic year and supply up-to-date and relevant evidence each year.

Q. If I need vacation accommodation will I need to submit my evidence again?

A If you have already received the ensuite subsidy during the current academic year then you do not need to resubmit your evidence but you will have to reapply for the subsidy using the relevant vacation accommodation form. If you have not submitted an application for this academic year then you will need to submit up-to-date and relevant supporting evidence.

Q . I am an international student so am I eligible to apply for the subsidy?

A . Yes, you can apply for the subsidy. The subsidy is need based and open to all students.

Q. My carer has an ensuite room. Can I claim a subsidy for their room?

A. You can apply for the subsidy for your carer's room if there are no shared bathroom facilities in your flat. If there are shared bathroom facilities and you have chosen to have an ensuite room for your carer then you will not be eligible for a subsidy for the carer's room.

Q. My request for the subsidy was turned down earlier this academic year, can I apply again?

A. Please follow the instructions in the formal response to your application. If you would like your application to be re-considered you must provide additional up-to-date and relevant evidence that has not been previously submitted.

Q. My request for the subsidy was turned down in a previous academic year so can I apply again this year?

A. You may reapply for the subsidy this academic year but you will need to provide up-to-date and relevant evidence.

Q . What sort of evidence do I need?

A. Generally, we ask for up-to-date and relevant medical evidence that specifically refers to, and explains, why you need ensuite facilities on disability grounds based on the eligibility criteria. This evidence should be signed by a medical practitioner, or suitably trained professional. A preference for ensuite is not a criterion for awarding the subsidy.

Please note that some of our halls with shared bathrooms facilities have a wash basin in the rooms. You can request a room with a wash basin when you are applying for accommodation and you will be allocated a room with one if you have appropriate evidence. You need to request this via the normal accommodation application process. There is no subsidy available for rooms with a washbasin only.