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Personal Care Support

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Personal care support is the practical assistance you may need for daily life. This could include:

  • washing/bathing
  • cleaning your accommodation, shopping, preparing meals
  • getting dressed
  • getting up or going to bed
  • help with eating
  • using the toilet
  • leisure activities

UK Students

The local authority where you live (or are ‘ordinarily resident’) remains responsible for assessing and paying for any social or personal care support whilst you are at University.

You should speak to them as soon as you are considering applying to University. They will be able to advise you on a range of different options, including Personal Independence Payments (PIP)Link opens in a new window, which can help with some of the extra (non-study related) costs caused by a disability.

International Students

Students from outside of the UK are not normally eligible for support with care costs from the British government.

Before you apply to come to study in the UK, its is essential that you have considered what your caring needs may be, and also how you may fund them. The University is unable to fund personal care support.

You may need to organise an individual assessment of your care needs in the UK so that you are fully supported before you arrive, and whilst you study. The costs of personal care support can be significant, and may involve the use of agencies and external organisations to the University.

Please do contact the Disability Services as soon as you are considering coming to study in the UK, so we can provide advice and guidance.