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Autism Spectrum Conditions

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Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) encompass a range of unique neurodevelopmental characteristics that can affect social interactions, communication, and sensory processing and, as a student with ASC, we understand that you may have unique needs and experiences.

Whether it's accessing specialized resources, arranging reasonable adjustments, or offering guidance on navigating university life, our Disability Team is here to ensure your success and wellbeing.

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On-campus accommodation options for an inclusive and comfortable living experience.

Early arrivals

An early arrival induction and a Transition Programme to ensure a smooth integration.

Specialist mentoring

Help with managing the impact of your condition(s) on your university experience.

Reasonable adjustments

Fair accommodations to enable you to engage with your course.

Enabling support

Practical enabling support such as notetaking, transcription support, and library inductions.

Study support

Specialist study skills support and/or academic mentoring so you can succeed in your journey.


We can liaise with academic and other departments to discuss your individual needs.

Feedback sessions

Group sessions where you'll discuss your support experience and any future improvements.