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Work-Life Balance

We all know we need to work hard at University, but in order to succeed we would recommend a balance.

The key is to prioritise what is important to you, what you need to do and what can wait for a while.

Tips for Getting the Balance right

  • Take personal responsibility for your work-life balance.
  • Identify what you value in life.
  • Notice when what seems the ‘ideal’ balance is actually impossible!
  • Prioritise what is important to you.
  • Track and review your working hours over a period of time.
  • From time to time, stop and think– have I got the balance right…?

    Planning activities is important:

    • Record a list of activities that you want to/need to do in the next few weeks.
    • Think about breaking these up into Routine, enjoyable and essential activities. This will help you try to get a balance when planning your diary in future.
    • Include time for work, chores, relaxing, exercise, eating and so on.

    My routine activities…
    My enjoyable activities...
    My essential activities…

    You might find it helpful to plan your week in advance to help you get the balance right. You can download a week planner here to get you started...



    Download of PDF of our Work-Life Balance Information Sheet

    Work-life balance handout image


    Effective break-taking

    • Give yourself permission to have breaks
    • Plan regular breaks
    • Have a clear idea of what counts as a ‘break’
    • Taking a break may mean being very active or not doing very much at all – it’s about being not doing
    • Mix it up – shorter vs longer breaks

      What happens when we’re out of balance?

      Work-Work balance