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PTES Results

Just as the views of previous students helped shape your student experience, the views you give now help to shape the experience of future students. We asked departments for actions and changes they have made in direct response to feedback received in previous years PTES surveys.

  • WBS responded to PTES comments that students felt they had little involvement in decision making by introducing Student Community Voice Groups.
  • WBS students commented on the lack of academic writing support and the department responded by introducing more tailored sessions on academic writing, specifically for Master’s students.
  • Comments relating to the availability of extracurricular activities led to these trips being scheduled on Saturdays.
  • Concerns around the high workload and impact on mental health led to WBS introducing more wellbeing events for students including a session on resilience, a visit from therapy dogs and a visit from Alpacas to help reduce assessment and examination stress.
  • SMLC have worked closely with the student reps to strengthen and further promote their extracurricular activities to enhance their teaching and learning community.
  • In response to comments from students relating to the curriculum, SMLC have updated their curriculum, integrating industry- and technology-related modules, as well as increasing the opportunities for translation skill development.

  • Economics have responded to feedback that the time allowed to insert an image during an online exam was too short. The department has made a case to the University to increase the time allowed from 25 to 30 minutes. This will now be implemented for all exams from Term 3 of 2023/2024.

2625 Postgraduate Taught students at Warwick responded to the 2023 Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES 2023) which gave an overall response rate of 37.7%. This was almost 8% higher than in 2022.

The Good

82% of postgraduate students who responded were satisfied with the quality of their course. 92% of students who responded said they would recommend the University of Warwick. Students felt part of a community (74% agreed, vs 67% in 2022) and that they had sufficient opportunities to interact with other PGTs (70% agreed) and they felt like they belonged at Warwick (74% agreed). Whilst there is still work to be done in this area, these results place Warwick in the top quarter of Russell Group Universities and show that initiatives put in place as a result of previous years feedback, such as welcome weeks for PGT are having a positive affect.

Areas for Improvement

Workload management was an area highlighted by students as being less positive. 69% of students agreed that the workload was manageable.

The Results

The results below show the percentage of students who responded positively.

Teaching Engagement Community Assessment Dissertation Organisation Resources Support Skills Development Overall satisfaction Would you recommend Warwick?
84% 82% 73% 78% 83% 79% 91% 84% 83% 82% 92%