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Support with harassment or other unacceptable behaviour

Everyone at Warwick, whether studying, working, or visiting, has the right to feel safe and supported. We are committed to encouraging an environment free from harassment, prejudice, and any socially unacceptable behaviour.

If you experience or witness any kind of inappropriate behaviour, there is confidential support available to guide you through your options.

Get support to decide what happens next

Report + Support is an online disclosure platform for students, staff or visitors who have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment, discrimination and/or a hate crime.

It is designed to help guide you through your options. You can make a request to speak to an advisor and they’ll be in touch to confidentially discuss support and reporting options within two University working days. Our specially trained Liaison Officers will help you decide how far you want your report to go – and support you all the way, whatever your decision.

Alternatively, you can access self-care and online resources, or log an incident anonymously.

By making sure we report unacceptable behaviour, together we can make a difference.

Visit Report + Support

Be an Active Bystander

The Active Bystander courses and resources will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to intervene safely and effectively in response to unacceptable attitudes and behaviour.

New students will receive an ‘Introduction to Active Bystander’ workshop in Term 1, and the full Active Bystander Intervention course is offered throughout the academic year - you can register your interest now.

You can also explore other resources and opportunities that will help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to be an Active Bystander and safely challenge unacceptable behaviour.

Explore courses and resources

Consent Awareness sessions

We have some Core and Specialised Consent Awareness sessionsLink opens in a new window available which cover a range of topics such as One Night Stands – How to get and communicate consent, “Lad Culture” – How not to be a “lad”, LGBTQ+ – Understanding the Queer spectrum, Rough Sex – Know the limits, and much more. All these sessions are available online and will only take up a few minutes of your time but will help you and those around you for a lifetime.

Find out more here.Link opens in a new window

If you need support with sexual misconduct, or need to make a report, please find out more about your options moving forward, and how we can help.

Report hate incidents, hate crimes and abuse

Read Warwick's guidance about how to report hate crime.

West Midlands Police take all reports of hate crime seriously. If you feel you have been targeted please contact the police via their Live Chat facilityLink opens in a new window.

In an emergency, call the Community Safety Team or the emergency services on 999.

You can also use West Midland Police' Hate Crime reporting appLink opens in a new window or True VisionLink opens in a new window.