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Student Feedback Survey: Results

Let's keep the dialogue going

In Term 3, over 3,100 of you took part in the Student Feedback Survey, our joint University and Students’ Union (SU) survey. Thank you again to everyone who shared your views, we really appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.  

The survey included questions about support, connections, and awareness of and engagement with key SU services, alongside questions on wellbeing and cost of living. We have included key findings below:

  • 77% of students who responded felt they had either settled into University well or very well this year, with a further 19% feeling they have settled in ‘ok’. Just 4% felt they hadn’t settled well.
  • 88% of students agreed they ‘feel safe at University’, with just 3% who disagree.
  • 86% agreed they ‘feel like they can be themselves’ at University, with 83% agreeing they feel ‘respected by staff I meet’ – in both instances, just 5% disagree, with the remainder neither agreeing nor disagreeing.
  • 72% feel that they belong at University, which is similar to Term 1 (73%). Meanwhile, 62% feel they belong in their department, which has decreased since Term 1 (73%). However, the change is largely due to an increase in those who feel like they neither agree nor disagree with the statement, rather than an increase in those who disagree.
  • Despite a drop in the sense of belonging within the department, almost three-quarters (72%) rated the support from their department in Term 3 as 'very good' or 'good'.
  • Looking at the University’s Wellbeing Support Services, 86% of students agree that ‘it is good to know there are mental health and wellbeing services available’, and 71% of those who have accessed the support service say they are either 'very easy' or 'easy'.
  • 63% of students who responded agreed they are ‘satisfied with the SU at my University’ (Term 1: 67%).
  • Almost two-thirds of students who responded (61%) are worried about financial circumstances whilst at University, and 68% are worried about financial circumstances after University. Both of these have risen since Term 1 (up from 51% and 56% respectively).

“Your survey feedback is highly important for us to hear about your experiences and strive to make improvements.

“In 2022-23, students’ responses to our surveys have given us a greater understanding of how cost of living pressures are affecting your university experience. You’ve told us how the costs of food, sports and socialising mean you need to make difficult choices, maybe take on more part-time working hours, and the impact of this on your studies.

“As a direct result of the information you’ve provided, in 2023-24 we’re running a new, joint project with the Students’ Union that’s looking into key cost pressures and reviewing the support we provide, aiming to make sure that a great Warwick experience is accessible to all.

“Your survey responses have made this possible, and your continued input will keep us updated in the coming year, making sure our work stays relevant to the changing picture.”

Adele Browne 
Director of Student Experience 

Responding to your feedback

We have shared next steps below, but in the meantime, based on the survey feedback, we wanted to ensure you are aware of current opportunities and support available to you: 

  • If you need any mental health and emotional wellbeing support, please reach out to the Wellbeing and Student Support team.  
  • If you are unsure of where to go for support or advice, you can speak to your personal tutor or supervisor as they will be able to give you guidance or signpost you to the right team to help. If you live on campus, you can speak to the Residential Community team who can help or signpost you to the relevant team.  
  • The Students' Union Advice Centre is also available to help if you’re experiencing a problem in relation to your studies, accommodation, money or personal problems.
  • Through the Warwick Presents programme, there are a variety of social events and opportunities that you can join.  
  • You can also explore the Students' Union societies and sports clubs, covering a wide range of interests. 
  • On the Cost of Living Hub, you will find details about financial support and other resources. 
  • Our Careers team can help you explore career possibilities and build your confidence as you think about next steps after university. 

Next steps

We have shared your feedback with the Students’ Union and key parts of the University across the summer, and academic departments will receive the results from their students from 2 October.

We will be working closely with colleagues to analyse the results of the Student Feedback Survey alongside other feedback opportunities, such as the National Student Survey (NSS), PTES and PRES in order to pull out common themes and we will share with you any planned action based on your feedback.

Be involved in the dialogue

At Warwick, we all contribute to the conversation and it's this on-going dialogue that helps us learn from each other. Look out for future opportunities to share your feedback including in the Welcome Week survey (if you’ve recently joined us), and of course our Term 1 Student Feedback Survey.

You can also join the Warwick Student Panel. The Panel is a community-based platform where around 500 Warwick students take part in short online activities, or attend focus groups to share their thoughts and help us to shape the University for the future. In return, they have lots of opportunities throughout the year to win prize draws or receive incentives for taking part.