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Guidance on providing handwritten notes

Adding a picture of notes taken during the assessment (handwritten notes)

If you are working on a files-based assessment, which will often require you to hand write your answer, draw diagrams etc. you may be asked to upload a picture of the notes that you make whilst answering the questions.

Your module leader will give you clear guidance on what you should upload: this might include outline plans, notes, workings, diagrams or other graphic representations.

Unless otherwise stated you will not need to capture at pre-determined points during the assessment period, only after you have completed the assessment.

At the end of the assessment period, when you have completed your answers, you should record all your workings made during the assessment period by photographing or scanning all your notes.

Make sure that your notes are legible, i.e. not blurred, with sufficient contrast, large enough to be read easily. You may need to take a number of pictures.

Save each image with a clear title, e.g. name of the module, student id, NOTES1/NOTES2/NOTES3 etc.

We would recommend that you create a folder on your desktop to save all your notes images, and the images of your final answers.

You can capture and upload these images of your notes along with your final answers at the end of the assessment period. You can do this in the additional 45 minutes which is added to the assessment time.