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Changes to student attendance and progression

This term, there will be changes to how attendance and progression is communicated and monitored in the context of your academic study.

Monitoring points are set by your home department. They are points of academic engagement and they include attendance at specified lectures, seminars or personal tutor meetings or supervision meetings, and submission of assessed pieces of work.

In the past your department would wait until the end of each term to get in touch if absences totalled three, six or eight missed monitoring points. Now, if you miss an expected monitoring point, you will receive notifications from Student Records shortly after the absence has been recorded by your department.

If you receive one of these notifications, you should check it and check with your department if you have any queries. This almost real-time reporting will enable you and your departments to address issues that may be causing poor attendance in a more timely way and offer tailored support.

Your department will inform you who in the department is responsible for academic progression. Please check with your departmental administrator in the first instance. You can find more about expected monitoring points and the process for dealing with absences in your course handbook.

Whilst the new system gets started, you may receive multiple notifications from monitoring points missed earlier in the academic year. Thereafter, you will only receive one email after each missed monitoring point.