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Bonfire Night


If you want to enjoy a bonfire and fireworks display this week, then there are many local displays you can attend.

This year's Kenilworth Castle's Bonfire & Fireworks Gala Spectacular is taking place on Saturday the 7th of November, and tickets are available to purchase from their website or from the SU (check out travel information). Other local displays are listed to the right. Please note that events may require ticket purchases in advance.

In the interests of safety and maintaining an appropriate environment to live, study and work in, all members of the University are reminded that the use and storage of fireworks and the construction and lighting of bonfires is prohibited on campus.

The firework code(PDF Document) provides safety information in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati and Chinese.

If you have any concerns relating to bonfire or firework safety on campus, then call Security Services on 024765 22222