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Warwick part of national #CombatMisconduct project

#Combatmisconduct is a two-year project developed by AVA, a charity committed to ending violence and abuse, working with Universities UK and the NUS.

Warwick is one of five UK universities to have been selected to be part of the pilot. The University and Students’ Union will work closely on the programme, which will provide support for our ongoing work around sexual misconduct, and develop a number of initiatives which we will work with AVA to identify.

Warwick's registrar, Rachel Sandby-Thomas said,‘We have already done and are continuing to do a lot of work in the area of sexual misconduct to make sure our policy and process are fit for purpose, fair and empathetic. We are delighted to have been selected as one of the pilot universities on the #combatmisconduct programme as this will help complement and improve our ongoing work in this area.’

As part of #combatmisconduct, AVA are launching a UK wide survey to staff and students at Universities to understand their experiences of sexual assault and violence. The survey will run until 7 February 2020. The findings will be written up as a report to be published in spring 2020 as a ten year update on the NUS's Hidden Marks report.

TRIGGER WARNING: This survey, and pages it links to, contains questions about sexual assault and sexual violence which may be triggering to survivors.

In addition to the UK-wide survey, AVA will hold a number of focus groups on campus with students and staff to explore routes and barriers of disclosing and reporting, and the support services available.

You will not be asked about specific experiences of sexual violence, harassment or misconduct in the focus groups. The sessions will explore routes and barriers of disclosing / reporting and support services

If you are interested in taking part, find out more and sign up for the focus groups.

If you've been affected by sexual misconduct, you can access support, or disclose your experiences through the following services:

Report + Support

The Wellbeing Support Portal (024 7657 5570)

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

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