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Elections 2024

Your vote matters

If you live in Coventry or Warwickshire, voting for the Local Elections will take place on Thursday 2 May to elect councillors for Coventry City Council and Warwick District Council. 

Voter ID required

This year, a voter ID will be required for you to vote in person. Accepted forms of ID include a UK, European Economic Area (EEA), or Commonwealth passport; a UK, EEA, or Commonwealth driver’s license; and some concessionary travel passes. Voters will be able to use an expired ID if you are still recognisable from the photo. 

Anyone who does not have one of the accepted forms of ID will be able to apply for free ID online or by completing a paper form. You will need to provide a photo, full name, date of birth, the address at which you are registered to vote, and your National Insurance number. 

The full list of accepted ID is available on the Electoral Commission’s website, along with more information about the new requirement and details of how to apply for the free ID. 

If you wish to vote by post at your non-term time home address, you must return your postal vote to your home local council's electoral services team as per the instructions you'll find with the postal vote form. 

You need to re-register each  time you change your address. So, even if you registered to vote in the last election, you must re-register to vote if you have moved house since. If you are unsure whether you’ve registered at your new address, check and update your details here. Don’t miss out on having your say!

Thursday 2 May

The elections taking place on 2 May in England are; local government, combined authority mayoral, mayoral, and parish council elections.

Locally, voting will take place on Thursday 2 May for Coventry City Council and Warwick District Council.

To vote in a local election in England, a person must live in the UK, be registered to vote and also:

  • be 18 or over
  • be a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland
  • not be subject to any legal incapacity to vote