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Help bring Warwick’s New Story to life (and get a free coffee on us)

Over the last 18 months, through engagement with hundreds of the Warwick community, we’ve written a new Warwick Story, setting out our purpose, belief and ambitions for the future. This future story connects Warwick’s founding principles and its current strategy with the challenges of today and beyond, drawing together themes and ideas from across all aspects of our work.

Before a planned launch this summer we want to share what we have developed with a number of students and staff and draw on their experiences of living and working at Warwick and help bring the new Warwick Story to life.

The week of the 22 February will be Warwick Story Week when we want as many staff and students as possible to spend a little time considering and sharing their own Warwick story with a colleague or friend at Warwick.

We appreciate that we’re all living and working in particularly difficult circumstances and, in “normal” times, we would have come together over coffee to share our ideas. Although we can’t do that right now we can meet each other for a virtual coffee and the first 250 people to sign up to participate in Warwick Story Week will be sent a Warwick mug and pack of coffee.

Everyone participating in Warwick Story Week will be sent a link to a briefing introducing you to the new Warwick story and the thinking behind it. All we ask is that you then write up your Warwick story using a simple online form.

Please sign up here. You will need to provide details of a UK address to be eligible for one of the coffee and mug packs.