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Managing your money at university

piggy bank and calculator

We at the Student Funding Support team hope you have settled in or back in nicely and enjoyed your first week of term!

Managing money at university can be daunting, so we’ve got plenty of tips to help you through Term 1. The cost of living crisis has affected many, with the average Warwick student spending £381 per month on living costs (after rent), according to the Save the Student cost of living survey. To help with this burden, check out the Cost of Living Hub for offers and advice.

If cooking is new to you, take a look at our food and shopping webpages which have some tips on how to save money on your food shopping, and lots of inspiration for tasty, but cheap, recipes.

While many society and sports club events are free at the start of the year, there are costs associated with getting involved. To join a society, you must buy a Societies Federation membership which for undergraduates ranges from £20 - £64.60 depending on the number of years it covers. Societies then set their own membership fee. Some societies are free to join, whilst others will charge a small fee to join, which helps fund some of their activities for the year.

Most sports clubs allow access to members during club hours without needing a gym membership! However, club memberships require a Sports Federation fee of £32 and a Warwick Sport Club Pass, which is £31 if the club is off campus or £69.50 if it is on campus. You can find out where the different sport clubs take place on the SU website. Once you have paid these fees, signing up to any sports club is an additional £6.

If you need any support with your money during the year you can contact Student Funding Support by email or telephone (024 7615 0096) Monday to Thursday 8.30 – 17.00 or Friday 8.30 – 16.00. Alternatively, you can drop in and see us by going to the Wellbeing Reception in Senate House between 10:00 - 15:00, Monday to Friday.