Skip to main content Skip to navigation phishing emails targeting University of Warwick students

We’ve been made aware of phishing emails being sent to University of Warwick students from asking you to sign up to their service in order to be included in their 2023/24 yearbook.

Please be aware that is not affiliated with the University of Warwick in any way. We do not endorse or have any relationship with this yearbook publication, and we did not share your personal details or email address with them. They are an independent organisation, selling a product. 

The registration page requires you to submit a significant amount of personal information. This includes your mobile number, home address, your private and university email addresses, and your bank details.

If you receive any of these scam/phishing emails, please avoid clicking on any of the links in the email and forward this to

If you believe you’ve submitted any personal data or information to this site please could you contact the IT Helpdesk as above and also fill out our 'Report a Suspected Data Breach' form here.

It is also advisable to report this to Action Fraud in the event any personal details have been compromised.