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NSS - thank you for your participation

Many thanks to all finalists who filled in the National Student Survey this year and took the time to submit your feedback on your time here at Warwick.

We’ve taken part in the NSS for over a decade and, alongside other student feedback, we use the NSS results as a basis on which to develop action plans in consultation with you, the student body. This informs a student-staff dialogue which helps us to recognise best practice and identify where changes or improvements can be made.

This year, survey data has underpinned our Institutional Teaching and Learning Review and the current review of personal tutoring being undertaken by the Dean of Students. Past feedback opportunities have led to a huge range of other improvements at Warwick; many examples can be found here.

We look forward to sharing the results of the NSS with you in the summer, as part of our partnership for making further improvements to teaching, learning and life at Warwick.