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Autumn Term 2020

We promised to get back in touch about how we're getting ready for the new academic year, and, as the UK edges out of lockdown, we can tell you more about how things will look in the autumn term 2020.

As communicated back in May, we’ll be delivering a campus-based teaching experience integrated with online learning, which will start in the week of October 5. There will be some variations between departments in how the autumn term will unfold - and we and your department will keep you posted about these variations over the forthcoming weeks.

The University and academic departments are working hard to restructure teaching plans for the next year to ensure the high-quality teaching experience that you've enjoyed so far. These plans are ongoing, but the focus is on making sure that your programme of studies remains engaging and rigorous and can be delivered in a range of different conditions.

On-campus teaching  

We think it’s vital that you enjoy face-to-face learning during the academic year, providing health and safety permits. To achieve this, we’re aiming to provide most of our seminars, workshops and tutorials in person.

Our classroom and laboratory spaces are in the process of being adapted, so we can deliver these small group activities in line with UK government and Public Health England guidance on social distancing restrictions.

You'll be able to work with your personal tutor, who will provide academic guidance as well as pastoral support.

Online learning  

In Term 1 we expect that lectures will take place online. This means any session which features a class size above 25 will be delivered digitally. We're looking at the different ways we can make this happen: for example, pre-recorded lecture materials will certainly form part of the mix, and most assessments will now take place online. There may also be occasions where you'll be engaged in other online group activity.

Whatever online teaching you receive, we'll be there to support you. We have a team dedicated to ensuring all our students are well-equipped with the skills they need to learn online. The Library will also be on-hand to support your study and will offer a wide range of reading materials and other learning resources electronically.

Whatever mode of delivery is adopted, please rest assured that your safety will be prioritised, and the quality of learning and teaching will be ensured, at all times.

Changing circumstances 

We'll also be prepared if circumstances significantly change. So, if we need to restrict access to campus to protect your health and safety, we'll have plans in place to switch to wholly online teaching if necessary.

What’s next? 

Your department will be in touch with more precise details about your course in the forthcoming weeks. If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact your department.