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Reasonable adjustments for online assessment

Reasonable adjustments can take many forms, from sitting exams in a quiet room alone, to being allowed to bring helpful resources with you, using assistive technologies, taking breaks, use of a scribe, or extended time to complete your assessment. We recognise that under the current circumstances, previous reasonable adjustments may not be accommodated in the same way as before, and have provided guidance to students accordingly but we are, as always, committed to supporting students in the best way possible.

Please note, this guidance continues to be updated so please look back later or contact the Disability Team if your question is not answered.

Guidance on additional time during online assessments

Students who have an entitlement to extra time/rest breaks under an agreed reasonable adjustments will have their additional time automatically added within the AEP.

Using a scribe or reader

If you would otherwise be using a scribe or reader in exams you can alternatively use assistive software, if that is available to you, such as text to speech, voice activated or screen readers. We would only recommend use of this software in an exam situation if you have had an opportunity to trial it or it forms an established way of working already. If you don’t have access to this software, or they you are not comfortable using it, you are advised to contact your Department who will liaise with the Disability Team on a case by case basis to identify the most appropriate way forward.

Use of assistive software or other tools such as coloured overlays

We recommend that you attempt the mock assessments that will be made available to you before the exams period to explore the range of accessibility tools available and identify any accessibility challenges that may be presented. Depending on the nature of the exam, you may not be able to use assistive software or use tools such as changing the background colour of your screen etc. You should notify your Department if an exam is not accessible to you and they will liaise with the Disability Team to identify the most appropriate way forward.

Late requests for alternative exam arrangements

If you requested alternative exam arrangements late and the disability adviser you spoke to has confirmed that your claim was outside the University’s examination deadlines, you are advised to contact your department.

If the format of your assessment allows, you may also want to add a few lines at the start of your assessment to clarify the situation.

Submitting hand-written notes/diagrams

If you are required to submit handwritten notes, or diagrams and you have a disability that impacts on the legibility of your handwriting, your Department should already be aware of this. However, you may also want to add a few lines at the start of your assessment to clarify the situation.

Mitigating Circumstances and Disability

We acknowledge that despite the adjustments and guidance above, for some students there may be some additional adverse impact of their disability on the assessment process. Students who believe they have experienced serious adverse impact related to disability which has not been mitigated by reasonable adjustment should submit additional information via the Mitigating Circumstances portal.