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• Our #warwickautumn Winners for 2021

Find out about the winners of this year's #warwickautumn Social Media photo and video contest, along with some expert comments from photographer Jamie Gray:

Mindful Autumn

A very thoughtful pose, with the subject put to the right and looking left which allows the space for

the image to breathe. I think the large cloud on the left helps a certain amount of balance to occur


Autumn Animals

Eye contact with the squirrel helps give this image a good degree of character. Well done for

approaching close, without a telephoto lens small animals can sometimes look too small to create


Fresh Start Autumn

A great closeup but also a great concept; finding a perfect drop of water and seeing another image

inside it. Lovely out-of-focus background too.

Part two: Fabulous detail in this leaf and the cracked surface looks like a dry river bed, with the

promise of water to come.

Autumn at Home

How lucky to have a view like this from your window. I really like the sky and the reflection of it is

equally great, accentuating the detail in the water surface.


Each one of the clips could be a winner in itself, a very impressive collection of shots.


A very pleasing composition which is balanced on each side, and the path acts to lead the eye

towards the figure.