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Pride Week 2017

Week 7 (November 13-17) is Pride Week, and no matter how you self-define, Warwick Pride has something for everyone including talks, workshops, cinema screenings and socials!

Keep up to date with the schedule for the week on the Warwick Pride Facebook page.

Queer Utopias | Monday 13: 4-6pm in OC1.07

A talk on the theme of Queer Utopias

Coming Out Workshop | Monday 13: 6-7 (contact us for room details due to outing issues)

A discussion on our experiences of coming out or not coming out.

Raising of the Rainbow Flag | Tuesday 14: 12:00pm in the University House foyer

Our Provost Chris Ennew will be raising the rainbow flag outside University House, in celebration of Warwick’s Pride Week 2017.

Asexuality 101 | Tuesday 14: 7-9pm in H0.43

A member of Warwick Pride exec will be giving a crash course in Asexuality and what it means

Moonlight Screening | Wednesday 15: 6-9pm in R1.04

A screening of the popular coming of age film Moonlight. This is a fantastic Oscar winning LGBT film focusing on the stories of People of Colour.

Coming out the closet | Friday 17: 12-4pm in SU

A literal rainbow coming out closet to take photos in - a light-hearted event that you can drop by at any time.

Yard | Friday 17: 8pm (Terrace Bar) 10pm (setting off to The Yard)

The Yard is a recently open LGBT venue in Coventry. A glitter and get ready event will take place beforehand which will be advertised on the Pride Facebook group.

PLEASE NOTE: The Yard has windows all around downstairs which may present an outing issue.

Throughout the week Warwick Pride will also be relaunching our Query a Queer campaign on our Facebook page. During this we will be answering anonymous questions on LGBTUA+ topics.