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Race Equality Survey

ECU Equality CharterThe University of Warwick is committed to enhancing race equality and creating an inclusive culture and environment where individuals are able to thrive, irrespective of their race or ethnicity. We want to hear your views on studying at the University and what you think we should be doing to advance race equality.

This survey is part of a wider piece of work looking to understand the culture of the University and advance race equality. By taking part you are informing and adding to the knowledge of the University and helping us to identify areas for improvement. The results of this survey will be included in our application to the Race Equality Charter Mark, and if successful, the submission will then be published on our website. We hope you will see your views and ideas reflected within that application form and will see that we are acting upon the survey results.

To note, this survey covers all study-related events (including social events) that may be off-campus, including overseas, as well as the normal learning environment.

The closing date for completing this survey is: 17.00 on Friday 29 April 2016. Please make every effort to contribute to this important work by completing the survey.

Further information can be obtained from: Sandra Beaufoy

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