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Reading lists at the Library

Find out more about our new and improved reading lists

Have you used the new Aspire Reading List system at the Library yet? You can now access dynamic reading lists on a module-by-module basis, meaning you'll see the same set up and functionality across your modules and your subject areas.

This has been developed in collaboration with colleagues across the University and has already received positive feedback from SSLCs and the Library's student Associates who help shape Library decision-making and provide a link between you, their departments and the Library.

Each list will provide direct links to reading materials for your module, and because the lists are accessible to the Library, the team will be able to purchase new readings as they are added or extra copies of items in high demand.

The reading lists now give clear guidance on reading expectations, with materials marked up as 'essential', 'recommended' or 'further reading' by your tutors. And you can add notes to each book or article, and prioritise reading for the week – or the term – ahead.

All this can help you save your time and help you with your studies.

The Aspire system is growing and more and more reading lists are now available. Your comments and feedback will help us to develop the lists and meet your needs, so have a click around and let us know what you think and what you'd like to see.