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MDMA circulating in Leamington and Coventry

MDMA pills are being circulated in Leamington and Coventry which are making people seriously ill. They are known as “Red Bulls”.

Read the Warwickshire Police statement for more information: 

The pills are red, and have a picture of a bull on the front. This is a picture of one of the pills:

A picture of a red pill with 8 sides and a stamp of a bull on the front

  • If you know of someone that has bought these pills, please urge them to throw them away responsibly.
  • If you know someone that has taken pills like these, please check on them.
  • If they are unwell on campus, call Campus Security on 024 7652 2222 who will be able to help you.
  • If they are unwell off campus, go straight to A&E.
  • Do not take drugs if you are offered them, and look after your friends by making them aware of the “Red Bull” drug warning.