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Guidance for the upcoming 2017 elections - Your vote matters!

Your vote matters.

You have until the 22nd May to register to vote in the upcoming General Election. Remember: You can register at your home address AND your term-time address, as long as you only vote in one.
Don’t Miss Out. Raise Your Voice. Use Your Vote.

If you wish to vote by post at your home address you must return your postal vote to your home electoral services team as per the instructions with the postal vote. A postal vote for another constituency cannot be counted on the day in a polling station for a different location.

You need to re-register each time you change your address. So, even if you registered to vote in the EU Referendum, you must re-register to vote in the General Election if you have moved house since. If you are unsure whether you’ve registered in your new address, check and update your details here. Don’t miss out on having your say!

Find out if you are eligible to vote.

There are polling stations on campus for students resident on campus (see below for the location for the different elections). If you live off campus, find out more about how to vote in person – and how to find your polling station.

8 June

Polling stations are both in the Oculus:
Students resident on the Coventry side of campus = OC0.01
Students resident on the Warwickshire side = OC1.08

If you are already registered to vote or applied to register to vote before the deadline for the 4 May local elections, you do not need to re-register to vote.

If you are not registered to vote, you will need to register to vote by Monday 22 May to vote at the UK general election. You'll need your NI number to hand to register.

To vote in a UK general election a person must be registered to vote and also:

  • 18 or over
  • be a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland
  • not be subject to any legal incapacity to vote

Additionally, the following cannot vote in a UK general election:

  • members of the House of Lords (although they can vote at elections to local authorities, devolved legislatures and the European Parliament)
  • EU citizens resident in the UK (although they can vote at elections to local authorities, devolved legislatures and the European Parliament)
  • anyone other than British, Irish and qualifying Commonwealth citizens
  • convicted persons detained in pursuance of their sentences (though remand prisoners, unconvicted prisoners and civil prisoners can vote if they are on the electoral register)
  • anyone found guilty within the previous five years of corrupt or illegal practices in connection with an election

The deadline to apply by post at the UK general election on Thursday 8 June is 5pm on Tuesday 23 May.


becky gittinsHear from SU Democracy Officer Becky Gittins and VC Stuart Croft as they urge students to register to vote.

Your vote matters!