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Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Research shows employers want candidates with a good degree, work experience, evidence of involvement in extra-curricular activities and the ability to reflect on and articulate their achievements.

You have a story to tell and employers will want to hear it, so get ahead in applications and interviews by telling your story with confidence.

MyPortfolio can help you to collect evidence of the wider skills and experiences you have developed both within and outside of your course, increase your understanding of their value and so you can weave everything together in a coherent manner creating your own narrative in preparation for applications for jobs and further study.

Don’t get ‘reflection’?

Don’t feel the need to put your skills and experiences in a portfolio?

Haven’t a clue where to start?

You’re not the only one! So we’ve developed a Moodle course to get you started: Tell your story: How to explore your student experience using MyPortfolio.

Want to add to your experiences? Search for job and work experience vacancies on MyAdvantage and the Experience Pool.