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Additional study space for term 3

SU President Liam Jackson has been working with the University to improve study space options in Term 3.

Seminar rooms in the Oculus will be available for quiet study when they are not in use for teaching. This change will provide an extra option alongside the social learning areas in the Oculus and spaces in the Library and Learning Grids. Rooms will be signposted with this new sign:

The seminar rooms have been removed from the booking system to keep them as free as possible, and when they're not in use, the tablet displays outside will turn green and show the text ‘Available until [time]’.

Even last-minute cancellations will show as green as soon as they're entered into the system, so you can always head to the Oculus to check if spaces are free.

Informal pop up spaces have also been made available for study in the following locations:

  • The Sciences building concourse
  • Westwood Cafe
  • Bar Fusion
  • Ramphal

Commenting on the scheme, Liam said:

"Students need more study space, especially around exam time and I’m happy to say that we have worked collaboratively to improve things this term. We have now opened up seminar rooms in the Oculus and elsewhere on campus to be free for studying when teaching is not occurring - look out for the Study Space signs!

We also have the study spaces tile on the MyWarwick App, so you can check whether there is any space in the library.

Hopefully these improvements will make it easier to find space to study, so you can get on with revising. And we look forward to working with you and the University in the future to improve further!"

study space

The Oculus foyer spaces are available to use from 8am - 10pm. Teaching rooms are available from 9am during periods where they are not already booked out for teaching.