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Lord Rootes Fund: Funding from £100 to £3000 to turn your idea into a reality

The Lord Rootes Fund is intended to encourage creativity, innovation and positive impact and is open to all current Warwick students. Apply now!

Join us on Wednesday 10 March at 1 pm to find out more about the Lord Rootes Fund. Hear from Warwick students who've recently benefited from Lord Rootes funding to kick-start their innovative projects, and find out you can apply this year.

About the Lord Rootes Fund

The Lord Rootes Fund made its first award in 1967 and, since then, has provided funding to well over 1,000 Warwick students to support hundreds of enterprising and imaginative projects. The Fund is open to all current Warwick students (including final year students) who can apply for a grant of up to £3,000 to fund a project (that will normally be undertaken in the summer vacation).

As a result of the challenges presented by COVID-19, the timeline for the Lord Rootes Fund has been revised this year and you can apply up to Wednesday 31 March 2021.

The Lord Rootes Fund encourages creativity, innovation and positive impact through support of projects by individual and groups of University of Warwick students, especially projects that:

  • Demonstrate innovative and creative thinking
  • Encourage personal development and challenge in pursuit of an idea or objective
  • Create new enterprises, cultural initiatives and/or positive social impact

The Fund are particularly interested in projects this year that focus on:

  • Student enterprise/innovation
  • Positive social impact
  • Campus-based (or regional) community projects (including projects related to Coventry City of Culture 2021)
  • Digital/’virtual’ initiatives